Sophie, 17, living in England :) I'm slightly obsessed with Legend of Zelda, so here's my blog for it! I'm a fanfiction writer, I RP on Zelda forums, I ship countless pairings, SS Zelink are my OTP, and I wish I could live in Hyrule.
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i did another redraw, this one from 2012, and this one from way back in 2010
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kissmerightthere said: Personally I think a twelve year old shouldn’t do grown up stuff yet. And not a 17 year old should feel bad for not having done it either. You’ll do it someday maybe and if you don’t then that’s perfectly okay as well.

xozelinkox said: I’m more like you and I’m happy xD I’m just lazyy

hyrulelibrary said: You don’t need to drink alcohol to be grown up or have good memories. The best memories come from the times when you are yourself.

It’s not even like I haven’t done those things. I mean I’ve been drunk before (only the once really and man that did not end well) but just wow… I feel so young!

I appreciate your kind words though :3

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I’m talking to my twelve year old friend and she has done more grown up stuff than I have and I just sit there like omg I’m so unexciting I’m just going to crawl back into my cave and cry I’m 17 jfc

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I am one of four light spirits that protect Hyrule at the behest of the gods.

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I think it’s time for us to say good-bye to this place. We must return to the world above! Back to our ocean!